RROD Xbox with dodgy drive: Thinking of replacing with a 360s


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There are two, original premium 360s in our house.

One of which had a very dodgy DVD drive and has now RRO'd.

I am probably going to try and fix it myself as it is about 4 years old. I've seen a tutorial that just uses bolts and screws and I figure it's worth a try.

However, although we wanted to spend our game trade in money on games, we have enough to buy a new 250gb 360s.

The situation is complicated slightly because one of the 360s lives in the lad's room and the other either lives with it or under the TV in the front room.

We both swap and change gaming locations and used to just swap hard drives plus I have a USB stick for my profile.

I'm thinking that this will cause a problem due to the different HD configurations of the two machines but I really don't want to buy another original 360 as the quieter machine justifies the extra expense for me.

Can anyone suggest what to do?

For instance, get a second hand 4gb and use an external drive. Perhaps all the DLC can be download to both 360s and run from a profile on USB?

Also, does anyone think I could get anything at all for the 360 that is broken as described?

Thanks very much.
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You could just use a USB stick each. Put your gamertag and saves on one stick, and your son can do the same on the other. If you need content that you've bought from Xbox Live on both hard drives, you can just re-download it for free.

A RROD old-style 360 will only fetch about £10-£20 on eBay after fees. You may even get less than that as the DVD drive sounds like it needs replacing as well. You may make a little bit more money by selling the power supply, console case, controller, and cables separately, then just bin the motherboard and DVD drive.


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Looks like having DLC on both hard drives will probably be the way forward if I can't get things fixed.

As a side note, if I got a 4gb 360s and used a 16gb USB, would I be able to use it for DLC, installs and profiles?

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you should be able to connect your 360 hdd to a 360s via a hdd transfer cable and use it as a big memory card OR if you buy a second hand 4gb 360s you can swap out the hdds so what ever was on your 360 will be on your 360s and you have a bigger hdd for virtually free!

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