RROD No.2 will MS replace this one ? - RESULT - Yes they will.


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he texted me back, that his power rating is 175w, with no plastic buttons on it(i assume he means the connector block), and a manufacturing date of february 23 2009.
new xbox/PS delivered, old power supply dumped.
no hdmi, and a benq drive, indicated with the drive tray, no apparent stickers on fans, and from him looking inside(torch shining), he says it "looks empty".
we both arent sure as to when it was replaced, but it was around feb/march timeframe.
Thanks RF. This is superb news, and proves once again MS are just absolute lying gits.

The 175w PSU is the clincher. But it is surprising they have gave a Benq drive this year as these as far as I have read were universally dropped and all replaced for the Liteons.


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the xenon thing mystifies me...as if they arent using xenon boards, just what are they using.. or are they botching up old boards..
What you have described your friend has is the Opus.:thumbsup:

As I doubt the repair centre would go to the trouble of replacing the CPU/GPU on the board, as opposed to just chucking a new motherboard in there.

The Xenon with better cooling is just the same Xenon console but with a recently developed and drastically improved Heatsink, which means the console runs much cooler and quieter.

Many people have before today swore blind they had the opus, due to the above noise/heat reduction issues, but then every time they have plugged it into a watt meter it was the Xenon wattages.

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