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theo cupier

I realise there's probably a sampling bias towards "fix" on this forum, but 3 years after Microsoft replaced my Xbox 360 under warranty because of a RROD failure, the replacement machine has also gone RROD. It's an elderly, non-slim basic XBOX with 20GB HDD and component outputs.

I'm going to start by saying I don't have the appetite to fix this myself, so let's discount that from the start (please, save your keyboard trying to convince me it's easy, I'm sure it is, I just don't want to!).

I've read various comments, here and elsewhere, about repairs - even professionally done ones - being potentially short lived.

So I guess my question comes down to whether it's worth spending £70 or so on a fix that may not last too long, or whether I spend a little more on a new console, perhaps upgrading to a slim box with bigger HDD and HDMI in the process? Would value your opinions/experiences.

Bottom line is that I'd really kick myself if, in a few months, I'd spent money on a repair to have this fail because it would make it much harder to find the funds to replace it then.

(There's a small part of me wondering whether to forsake Microsoft and their low quality hardware and jump ship to Sony with their low quality network. I don't have very many games and it gets as much use as a DVD player as a games console, so having a spare Bluray player might be handy, but that's probably not a popular argument on this board!)
Not open for further replies.

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