RR6 Demo....


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MonkeyKnuckle86 said:
EDIT: yep pulled might be back though.
He says its back now. What is it with the demos. King Kong bugged and pulled. Full Auto bugged (crashed my 360 three times), The Outfit bugged (PAL60 nonsense over HD component), then this RR6 nonsense. Hopefully all this will be ironed out in time as in theory demos over marketplace is great but 3 of the last 3 went tits up so maybe they need to sort their testing department out.


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just imagine the people moaning if the graw demo had come out last week and was corrupted. we would never have heard the end of it

EDIT: is it usa only?


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I've heard it is USA only, can't confirm as I'm not at home to check the marketplace?


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i cant see it on marketplace so maybe only US?


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Looks like it's US only until some numpty actually wakes up and informs us of this.


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Kainz said:
Looks like it's US only until some numpty actually wakes up and informs us of this.

Apparently it appeared on European Marketplace briefly and was removed very quickly.


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Thnaks, just downloaded it via my US silver account as I couldn't see it in the UK Marketplace.

Something to tide me over until FN3 and GRAW finally arrive from HMV.. Grrrrrr!


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Yes it's only available on the US market place at the moment and I'm downloading it right now.

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