RPTV's & Picture in Picture



Whats the deal with rptv's and picture in picture functions.

I know the newer LCD & DLP based tv's have extensive PnP.

What about CRT based Toshiba/Sony etc etc
Do CRT rptv's generally have PnP?

Any owners out there can help me out?

I have the Sony KP44DX2 and it has picture in picture (as does the 44PX2) but only does pnp for the TV and an AV socket so you cant have 1 TV channel on & another TV channel pnp.
Thanks Lancia,

Im particularly interested in connecting 2 Xbox's to one TV, and playing network games, with a 50/50 split down the middle of the screen.

So, if I had 2 consoles connected via Scart, or maybe one on scart, and one on component, would I be able to get the split im after?

thanks again for your time
As far as I know that's not possible.
The pnp is only a small box in one of the corners. There might be the possibility of enlarging it in the service menu as there are some pnp settings there but I dont think it's possible.

Maybe someone could confirm?
I have a KP44PS2 which has twin tuners and dynamic picture and picture. It starts with a 50:50 split, but you can increase the size of either half and the other half shrinks accordingly. You can have any input on each side. This is an older model Sony (cost £2800 new) and only has 1 RGB scart + 2 s-video scarts, but it's a fantastic tv all the same. Much higher spec than the current Sony RPTVs (DRC-MF, better build and feature set). Robert Whyte are selling grade-a units for £799.
Thanks again people.

I was more interested in newer rptv's with better connectivity. Ill be using a dvd player, a dvd burner, a vcr and 2 xbox's.
I would prefer only scarts & component, but an s-video connector wouldnt go unused either!

These new tosh's have a blinding picture, but the feature list is a bit lacking. Seeminly no PnP from what I could see on thier website.

Anybody else got anything to add?

Can I assume, from the lack of response, that most rptv's have no Picture in Picture (split screen)?

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