From what I have seen there are good CRTs and there are bad CRTSs. Equally there are good RPTs and bad RPTs. Where RPTs do score is that of size; a big picture can be very impressive and can provide a cinematic experience that CRTs have difficulty in rivalling simply because of size.

RPTs do need a good quality source material, preferably of the digital variety. They also need careful setting up of convergence controls - unlike CRTs where this is, to all intents and purposes, set at the factory. Very rarely do RPTs in showrooms, etc, appear to have been set up precisely, and this may cloud your opinion. Remember that the source material for both CRT and RPT is the same - given that RPTs can enlarge that source material to something over 400% of the size that a CRT is capable of, there is bound to be some trade off of quality.

I have just invested in a 50" RPT from that of a 32" CRT. I was apprehensive that I would be trading quality for quantity. To a degree, I was right - but the whole experience more than compensates by a very wide margin. Tweaked, quality was vastly better than I ever expected from a showroom demo.

Couple this with a half decent 5.1 sound system (which also makes the picture seem bigger!) and you're half way to the total cinema experience. In fact - with cinemas shrinking in size by the day - you're actually rather more than halfway!

Nic Rhodes

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Don't forget most of the better RPTVs are CRTs!! What we are talking about is RP against direct view TVs. (Avoid the LCD RPTVs IMHO).

CRT TVs are all about compromises but RPTV need more 'maintaining / tweaking' to get them right. This has the added advantage of POTENTIALLY less 'compromises' but at the expense of more work. I would recommend getting your RPTV ISFed by Gordon. Ir you can live with the viewing angle thing both are capable of high quality but RPTV does the size thing.

Do remember poor quality video / SKY will look poor on any screen but it might look worse on a larger screen.

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