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I'm a little confused about rear projection TVs and the optional cabinets that are available for many models. Since all RPTVs seem to consist of a screen and a large base, how does the cabinet fit into the equation? Is the base simply a detachable non-shelf stand or does it contain more TV bits and pieces? Will I be able to use my existing AV stand with a RPTV?


My Samsung 42" RP TV comes (at no extra cost) with a detachable cabinet, which sits underneath the main body of the set and has a shelf for a digibox or DVD.

It also serves to get the TV at the correct height for viewing from the average settee.

But the Samsung is not as deep to start with as some RP sets and when I see for example the Toshibas on a stand, they look a bit top heavy to me.

I have a very useful stand at one side of the TV which holds all my HiFi and bits and pieces which I got from Ikea for £20, which is finished in the same silver colour as the TV and looks very smart.

I doubt that your existing AV stand will suit because if it's for a conventional TV, it will be too high.

To get maximum picture brightness from an RP TV, your head should be roughly the same height as the screen, as you sit in your favourite comfy chair....


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No it's just an optional stand.

I don't use one for my Tosh RP as it puts the screen too high and out of the 'sweet range' which is ESSENSTIAL with RPs.

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