RPTV and centre speakers


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Question for RPTV owners with 5.1 speakers: Where do you put your centre speaker?

It can't go under the TV (unless you have the set perched on a stand) and judging from most RPTVs I've seen, their cases are too flimsy for a speaker to sit on top. So, where do you put it?


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I've got a Philips 55" and have a Monitor Audio Silver centre on top, no problem at all. The Philips is certainly not flimsy :)


I have the Sony PX" and I have my Pioneer centre speaker on the top of the tv, in the middle. I had to put a tiny piece of double dided tape on to make sure it did not vibrate or get knocked off. However the tv was deep enough to put it on. It is also a very solid tv, not flimsey at all

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