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Hi all,

I currently have a toshiba 50" rptv, which I have had for around 3 years, i believe the model is WH501B or something like that. I am currently considering purchasing a new tv and have been looking at both plasma and LCD, however reading this forum has left me wondering whether or not I should also look at the sagem 50". Can anyone advise on the differences between my current rptv and for example the sagem.




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Depends what your Toshiba model number is. If it's something like a 50WH-18P, then that's a CRT-based RPTV. Current RPTVs like the Samsungs and Sagems are DLP technology, giving a full HD-Ready 1280x720 resolution, so a much sharper picture. Might be worth you reading up on DLP technology to understand the differences - try www.dlp.com for starters. Others might be able to better describe the differences between CRT-based and DLP RPTVs.


Guessing it is a Toshiba 50WH-18P ... if so, it is not HD

The sagem would give you 720 native HD capability, either HDMI or DVI inputs depending on which Sagem you choose, and (possibly) a less reflective screen coating to your present one. They lack the big base/stand that you have at present with yours.

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