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RP queries Tosh51WH36P

Discussion in 'TVs' started by andyxxx, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. andyxxx

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    Nov 12, 2002
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    As a complete newbie some of these questions may seem a little simple, but I would appreciate any input.

    My newish 32” Panasonic TV is not large enough cos we have just moved and the lounge is much bigger. I therefore need a bigger set, won’t pay Plasma prices (and in any case the TV sits in the corner of the room so largely defeats the object)

    Having seen the new Toshiba range advertised I went to look at a few with the Toshiba 51WH36P in mind.

    My first contact with rp has been Curry’s. I was not overly impressed. The picture on a 42” Sony and 3 different Toshibas all seemed fuzzy/shadowy/slightly out of focus – yet most of the tube TVs and Plasmas were crisp and focused – surely they were all receiving the same signal. The salesman insisted the rp sets were set up correctly. Would this be ‘convergence?’ – he just messed around with the contrast (which made no difference) or is it likely to be the brightness or sharpness that needed setting?

    I have read loads on this forum and am astounded at peoples in depth knowledge. A review by Demon on the 51WH36p was astounding yet also off-putting. I am worried (not being technically minded) not to be able to obtain the crisp picture I require. I do not want to have to worry that it may need felt adding to improve the picture!

    My main concerns are listed below.

    1 That once correctly installed the picture is of a similar standard to that I am used to.
    2 I watch largely Sky digital and excepting extreme weather conditions am generally happy with the picture received on my 32” Panasonic. Can I assume the picture quality will be similar from the same source?
    3 When playing DVD I do not want to have to alter settings each time – would I be disappointed in not doing so?
    4 Am I right to understand my centre speaker can sit on the rp box? And if so that no magnetic fields will damage the projector or interfere with the picture?
    5 I would be sitting about 5metres from the set – would 51” be large enough?
    6 Is the picture worse on rp during daylight hours?

    Does anybody have any suggestions on similarly priced rp sets that I should perhaps look at?

    Many Thanks


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