Royksopp - Melody AM

david plunkett

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Get it. Its the best album of its kind since Moon Safari. For people who dont know what I am on about they did the music for the Erikkson photo sending phone, the one with babys face plastered everywhere.


They have that really wierd cartoon- schematic video where the woman goes to work in the city, right. Dam catchy tune, if I do say so.


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I keep picking it up then putting it down again. Thought Moon Safari was great. Is it that good ? Have you tried the Daft Punk album.


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Hey dude, some good albums being mentioned here : I like Meoldy AM good album and if you guys like Moon Safari you shoudl check out Air Premier Symptones as well. For a really good update on Airs Moon Safari, I cam heartily recco Zero 7s Simple Things better than Moon Safari IMO and sounds just like Moons Safari 2 IMHO.

david plunkett

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I think the daft punk albums are great, havent been to keen on airs stuff since moon safari. I have zero 7's album and think thats great to.
Nobodys given me any opinions on st germain yet, why not??? they are brill.


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St. Germain are more jazzy house fusion type deal IMHO, I have Tourist (One of the best recorded dance albums I own BTW) Another good french outfit are Rinocerose : Installation Sonore is a 10/10 record IMO give it a try tremedous, Other good bands to check out is the : Thievery Corporation, a couple of years old but a cracker Tales from the Thievery Corporation Hifi. A must IMHO. Kruder & Dorfmeister. Here are some more reccos in this type of music.

BTW any of you guys know who does the Motorola Roto phone ad music now thats cool.

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