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is it new policy to leave 4 wheel trucks/trollys (about the size of a very large baby buggy) all over the place permenantly ?

in our small estate we have about 4 ! - all padlocked overnight to railings, lamp-posts etc - its very odd

one is right across a pavement - although you can still squeeze a buggy past - but its taking up more than 1/2 the space

trying to work out what they are for ??

and why so many ?

or does a van drop a load of posties off in the morning, they dump the post into the trolleys and do their round that way ? presumably too much hastle to take the trucks back ?

they appeared about 1-2 months back - but have been there all the time they are not being used - since.

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Metro (free bus newspaper) do a similar thing in Derby town centre. They use rucksack things instead of trolleys and just leave them everywhere ready for the staff to start giving them out. Probably the same for royal mail.


Ive noticed these too.But our postie wheels it to the end of the street,then goes off for ages! now i know why im not getting much post these days:thumbsdow

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