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Royal Mail & Parcel Force 48 Killing Me!!


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I'm hoping a postal worker can help me sort something out.
I sent a Computer power supply it is about 3 kilo's the size was about 2 stacked shoe boxes,from North Wales to Nanopoint UK.Post code TF3 3BJ.

I sent it via Parcel Force 48hr service on September 22 2009.
So I was hoping it would be delivered by September 25 or 26th.
I emailed Nanopoint UK on September 25 2009 to ask if they had had the power supply delivered they said no not arrived.
So I checked the parcel force 48 website online tracking service to see if it had been delivered and Nanopoint UK had got it wrong maybe.
But no it had not been delivered.
The Parcel Force 48 online tracking website showed the status of the parcel as "Still in progress" and it showed that the parcel had been picked up from the post office where I had posted from.
The parcel force tracking status has been like that right up to today October 7 2009.So 14 days and counting!
I went to the post office I'd posted it from to ask why it had not been delivered.
I was polite by the way.Why should I not have been?
To be honest they were not interested to much.They said ring Parcel Force 48.
I perservered and asked for a claim form and was told they did not have a Parcel Force 48 claim form to give me.
I then asked did they know for sure it had been picked up from their post office.
They ummed and arred and looked in an envelope of A4 size papers they took out of a draw behind the counter and checked off my posting receipt proof of posting reference number against the A4 papers.My receipt number was on one of the A4 papers which they said proved it had been picked up by Royal Mail on the same day I posted from that post office.
I asked why would Royal Mail pick it up as I'd posted and paid for Parcel Force 48, they replied "Royal Mail picks up from the post office's for Parcel Force 48. Then they "Royal Mail" passes the parcels over to Parcel Force 48 at the local Royal Mail sorting Depots.
Hope you understood that cos I'm confused.
So by the next day still no change on the tracking site info, so I emailed Parcel Force 48 from their website, waited 24 hours but no reply except the generic email saying thank you for contacting parcel force.
So I emailed again and waited another 24 hours for a reply email.They emailed back! Saying as Royal Mail had not passed my parcel over to Parcel Force 48 to deliver it was therefore not in their computer system and there was NOTHING they could or can do for me as to finding where my parcel was.
And I should contact Royal Mail in my area which is Colwyn Bay, North Wales and ask why they had not passed it over to Parcel Force 48.
I phoned Royal Mail customer services and after 20 minutes of listening to the recorded voice telling me to goto the Royal Mail website, I finally managed to get to speak to a man and this is the catch 22 and it's a beut!!
I told the royal mail man on the phone my story, same story as above.
He said there was nothing he could do for me as Royal Mail did not have my parcel???. (I had told him that Royal Mail had picked my parcel up from the post office I'd sent from and not passed it on to Parcel Force 48)
He said as I'd sent via Parcel Force 48 it meant Parcel Force 48 had it??
I said yes I had sent it via the Parcel Force 48 service but it was Royal Mail who picked it up from the post office where I posted it from and they Royal Mail had not passed it on to Parcel Force 48.(I had to say it twice)
And therefore since Parcel Force 48 did not have it in their delivery systems, so Royal Mail must still have it and have lost it.
He said still nothing they Royal Mail could do.And to go to the Parcel Force 48 website tracking page. (I'd about had it by now)
I said can I speak to a manager or supervisor .He replied "they will just tell you the same, that it's nothing to do with Royal Mail and to go back to Parcel Force 48". :lease:
So what can I do.Royal Mail deny they have ever had or lost my parcel.Yet the Post office counter persons told me they have a receipt showing Royal Mail picked up my parcel.
And Parcel Force 48 say they cannot do anything as the parcel was never given to them!! A pox on them both..That is how I feel right now!

Any ideas anyone?


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Have a look at Consumer Direct & see if there's any help there.

I'd go ahead & make a claim from ParcelForce. You have proof of postage that your item entered the system of their agents (Post Office). The fact that the tracking number is recognised as "in progress" again proves that your item entered the system.

Whether the PO passed it to RM, or RM to ParcelForce is not your concern. You paid for ParcelForce to deliver & they haven't. If your claim is rejected then you may have to issue Small Claims proceedings.

May be worth taking a screen dump of the PF tracking page & asking the PO for a copy of their proof it was handed to RM.
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Hi thanks for reply.
When I was at the post office I sent the parcel from I asked for a copy of the A4 receipt showing Royal Mail had picked it up from the sending post office and they the counter staff said NO we don't give copies to customers!!
Basically the women looked at me like she was sucking a big lemon.
My words were "Can you photo copy that A4 receipt for me so I have extra proof in case I have to claim?"
Counter staff reply. "Sorry we don't give copies of these to customers" hard suck on lemon!
I'm going to the police station on Thursday 8th October to report it as stolen and get a crime number.
Then I'm walking down to the sorting office and inform them that if it has been stolen I've reported it to the police as an official complaint of theft.With a quick reminder that it's a 5 year max sentence for robbing anyone's post.(Nowadays they will get a promotion and gold pension).

Out of everything of dealing with Royal Mail and the counter staff it is the total lack of offering any help or advice that really struck me when dealing with people who work for Royal Mail.
Not one said try this phone number and ask for so and so they deal with this sort of lost parcel.No one ever rang back from Royal Mails customer support line and I specifically asked the young sounding man I spoke to to take my name and phone number and to ask a manager to ring me the next day.Nothing no phone from a manager or supervisor.I wouldn't mind to much but I asked and the royal mail customer support man actually said he would pass it on and get them to ring me!
I was thinking of going to my local paper and asking them if they want to do a story on my experience from a stress in dealing with royal mail consumer point of view story.

You know I keep seeing the same comment on web forums about lost Royal Mail parcels as a kind of excuse saying well they have hundreds of thousands of parcels going through their system so some are bound to get lost and if it's your parcel you should expect this now and again.
So why haven't one of the well paid managers or even better paid board of directors when sitting down had a bright idea of setting up an internal system within royal mail to search for and locate lost parcels and if cannot be found fast stream the compensation process.
I know nothing about the job yet even I could think of that as something to try out.


Senior Moderator
I suggest trying your local Parcel Force depot rather than RM

I recently paid for a customs charge from PF over the phone and expected it the next day only nada. Found that the online tracking had changed to "collected by customer" stamped with the time when I called them


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I'm having a lot of problems with Recorded Delivery at the moment.

I currently have 4 parcels which I know have been delivered (because the recipients are honest) but the tracking information just says "received by my local post office".

I complained about the first one and RM just appologised and changed it to delivered.

When the next three happened within a short time I complianed to RM en masse. They picked up that they had all been sent from the same post office but had each gone to different destinations. So they claimed it was a PO Counters problem and told me to ring them. I spoke to PO Counters and they told me they are getting this a lot. There is nothing wrong that the counters are doing - they are attaching the orange label and scanning it (which I witness) and there is nothing more for them to do. PO Counters said that it is becoming commonplace that the posties at the other end are not completing the process at the other end.

I tried to get across to RM that the reason I pay for Recorded is that I don't 100% trust the recipient and I want to avoid the 'I never received it' ruse. And whilst I am paying for that service, RM aren't providing it. This just went over their heads, they said, well you've found out that it was delivered so no harm done.

I'm sorry but I'm losing what little sympathy I had with posties in general (mine is great and I'm sure many are) but for me to receive so many RMRD failures (25%) there must be a lot of bad ones.

I saw in the news that they are continuing\increasing their strikes and the next report is that Amazon have dumped the RM. Don't they realise that whilst they are insisting on pay rises that the rest of the country isn't getting, that their business is crumbling and whilst they may bully their pay rise, many of them won't have jobs as a result.



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