Roxio Easy Media Creator V9.0 and vista


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Anybody got this working on Vista 32 :lease:

On install get error 3XXXX7000165 or similar and thats it

Thats after trying my V8.0 download and that was burnt to a disc and that gives an error :thumbsdow

so i though damm it lets download the latest V9.0 and lets get it on a disc because of their download limitation and now that doesn't work :( :confused:

No update on their website why did i not trust my instinct and avoid roxio?Sonic

want to get four VHS tapes on my pc before video's become extinct


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got it on now by using compatibility mode

HOWEVER they have serious issue just check their forums:mad:

mine works now but it has disabled my dvdrw


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Works ok for me - I had a problem in that it installed some driver that vista didnt like - Vista then disabled the driver but asked me if I wanted to "check online for updates for this driver" which I did. It took me to roxios site for an updated driver (some kind of cd imaging driver).

Annoying this is that roxio has lots of "bloteware" and so I only installed what I needed (ignored stuff like "digita home" etc).


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had this pre loaded on my hp laptop, but always been a nero man.

Was I too quick to dismiss this? Am I misssing something?


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It depends on what your requirements are.

I really like a feature of Roxio where I can use the classic app to drag and drop 80Gb of MP3s into a new data DVD-R project and it will span these across 21 DVD-Rs.

plus the backup it creates is just a file level copy of the MP3s which is good if I want to be able to restore just a couple of file and I dont have the Roxio app installed (it also pops a simple restore EXE file on each disk with an index.).

I tried doing the same thing in Nero and everything above the 4.7Gb of the 1st disk just said something like "files too large to be added to project".

I would certainly be interested to know if its possible for Nero to do the same thing.

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