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rover 25 2001 vs megane 2000 both 1.4


what is the best to get out of theses two

rover 34k on clock and renault 41k

both in excellent condition

whats best car for driving around and to save on cost of petrol and reliable and good for driving in


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I think this is the first time I have seen reliable and good in the same screen as rover and megane's of this vintage.

They are both as good and as bad as each other, both will give you trouble at some point and they are pretty dull.

Who is the car for?



my dad he wants one that will last him least 3-4years he dont trust traders just private and i looked on autotrader and they only low engine ones close by

he as a mondeo mk2 which did him well for 5years but now he got loads of faults with it
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A friend had a similar aged Megane although with the 1.6 engine. He kept it for about a year and said issues started cropping up so sold it.

Can't remember what kind of issues though.

How much are you looking to spend? Could look at a Honda Civic.

Solomon Grundy

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The 1.4 Rover could have head gasket issues but the rest of the car will be pretty reliable. With the Renault if you get a good one they are better to drive in my opinion but at that age you're asking for trouble regardless of mileage. On balance, based on the number of used car parts we sell from our dismantlers yard and having had roughly the same number of both vehicles pass through I'd say the Rover is lesser of two evils. Also if anything does go wrong the used spares are generally cheaper for the Rover (Engines and Gearboxes excepted, they are more expensive). In four years time both cars will be on their last legs, the Rover will probably be quite rusty too unless it is well looked after.
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Will Rover parts cost more now they are bust ?


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No, they still make parts for the rover. I'd look at the MG ZR which is basically a Rover 25 but looks nicer.


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Wouldn't touch a megane, my sister has had one from new and the repairs come thick and fast and are never cheap.


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Avoid Renault , had a laguna - worst car i have ever owned and ive owned some sheds !


he gone for rover 25 34k
he was going to get a fiat punto 2001 but it got sold and there wasnt much cars about with 5doors

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