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Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by jrisch, Feb 14, 2005.

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    My setup is a Panasonic TU-DSB40 sat reveiver in the lounge, connecting the digiboxes TV SCART output to a SCART switching box sharing with the VCR and allowing digibox to VCR recording. Output is to the TVs AV1 while TVs AV2 is connected to DVD player.

    The RF-Out 2 of the digibox is piped to the loft and a 4-way splitter routes it to the bedrooms and my ofice where the PCs are, and where I like to capture to the PC to convert to DVD.

    My problem is that while the pass-thru of the digibox is in broadcast NICAM audio, the SKY chnnels are only in mono, and picture quality is mariginally worse. Presumably the RF-out signal from the digibox is not Nicam or stereo.

    I've though of putting SKY Multiroom to the office, but don't know how SKY achieve this in wiring terms, and as I don't have sufficient need to record multiple SKY channels I don't want to spend the additional ongoing charge (I don't mind a few one-off charges). Also I've a spare SCART output on the digibox (the VCR one) which probably has a better signal output, but how to route that around instead of the inferior RF signal?

    I've also considered a Freeview in the office but not sure if the RF splitter would have degraded the signal too much, and the range of channels is insufficient.

    The real answer is to move the recording PC next to the digibox, but as that entails having another divorce, that's probably too expensive as well!

    All suggestions welcome.

    Regards, jrisch

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