Routing audio through 5090 to receiver?


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Awaiting LX5090 and new to all this (last TV bought 13 yrs ago!). Just the panel - no speakers.

I'm using an oldish Pioneer receiver - VSX-C301 - which handles 5.1/DTS well.

I'm only intending to connect a V+ box and BD player. Can I connect these both to 5090 via HDMI and use the optical output from the 5090 to supply the receiver?

If so will the 5090 optical output transmit audio from V+ broadcasts which don't have 5.1 sound?

Alternatively if I connect V+/BD audio directly to amp will I run into any problems with sync/controlling audio with 5090 remote?

Sorry if this has been covered already - couldn't find anything on the forums so far.


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Ah.. - replying to my own post here because embarrasingly I've just looked in this forum (as opposed to a general AVFORUM search) and found info germaine to my question.

It seems (per Kingfats) that the 5090 doen't send 5.1 from it's optical output - which begs the question ; what does it do?


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Its there for if (a big IF, and probably unlikely), freeview in the future decide to broadcast dolby digital (or some other multichannel format). So you can get this audio from the internal tuner to your amp. As you have found its not there for switching 5.1 thru it from externally connected devices.


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Connect the Plasma to your AV receiver using standard L&R phono cables. I tried the optical connection and it is not as good as phono.


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Could do - but won't get 5.1 that way.

I'll link the V+ and BD player directly to the amp with optical cable. Just not sure whether the V+ will output non 5.1 audio over optical - if not then phono will be neccessary but switching the amp inputs will be tiresome.


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The optical out on the LX5090 does forward stereo sound out from incoming HMDI connections but no 5.1.

I'm noticing lip sync issues with V+ (HD & SD) and BluRay discs. I wonder if using the optical (or Phono) out on the tv will reduce this?


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Lots of people have had the same issues using the optical out, as advised use the phonos.

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