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hi there am new to the gaming scene, what it is i bought a 360 elite last week and was wondering how do i get online i know i need a router or something any good 1s i can get and im on ntl/virgin broadband,thanks

King Tones

Distinguished Member
You should be able to get online without using a router, your broadband modem should connect to your pc via an ethernet cable, you should be able to connect the ethernet cable to the 360 and use that to go online just to try it out. If your xbox is near your Pc that is and if it is you could get a splitter for the ethernet cable and use that to connect to your xbox and PC.
Not sure what router would be best for Cable broadband...sorry !


Mad Mikeyboy

Established Member
Depending on how long you have been with your current provider you could manage to squeeze a free wireless router out of them. If you threaten to leave and go elsewhere that are offering free wireless routers you might find allsorts of offers open up to you. Then you can connect directly to your new router via ethernet port as many of the new ones have two ports. It's as easy as that.


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cheers a might phone ntl an see about a free 1 cheers

If that fails, I got my router which has served me solidly with no problems for 6 months or more for £12... eBuyer do some cheap ones sometimes. They might not look pretty, but they do the same job a Belkin one does for about 1/4 of the price! Mine's wired AND wireless, and since I refuse to give Micro$oft > £50 for a wireless adapter, I've just got a long Ethernet cable going from the one side of the room, behind the wardrobes to the other side. Job's a goodun!

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