Router settings for Logitech Squeezebox


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And now for some really tech stuff ....


I bought a Logitech Squeezebox Duet for music streaming.

A wonderful gadget that uses the music files stored on your computer and plays them on your Hi-Fi by connecting using Wifi or ethernet.

The thing works great with ethernet but I'm unable to use Wifi because our modem router is blocking some ports. Needless to say stringing ethernet cables around the house is not an option.

I know what the ports are and how to configure the router but apparently I need extra commands that nobody has, ...t'wit

for all;

Port Trigger / Start
Port Trigger / End
Port Open / Start
Port Open / End

The modem is a Hitatchi Tecom AH4222 and the ISP is Club-Internet (now part of SFR here in France
If anybody can help I'd gladly pay for the support

Thanks for reading this
+33 (0)4 90 05 60 36


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"Needless to say stringing ethernet cables around the house is not an option."

I can't help with the port settings, as my router 'just works' but you could consider homeplugs from the likes of Devolo, Netgear, or Solwise. These transfer data over your house wiring. I use Devolo and Netgear and am fairly happy with them serving a couple of squeezeboxes I have connected to them.


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Now there is an interesting solution. In a way I was squaring up for battle royal with every tech in the world but this could be a very elegant solution. Thank you indeed. I could well use this. Keep you posted.




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I second that, I have a Boom and a Receiver (Duet minus the controller) and while my boom does occasionally suffer "rebuffering" wifi issues my Receiver is perfect 100% of the time, and that uses some 200mb Homeplugs that also serve my PS3 and Xbox for video streaming / gaming.


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If ports are being blocked on your router I'd have thought they applied regardless of connection method. If it works on ethernet then I can't see it being a port blocking issue. I suspect something else on the wireless side is preventing a connection. Encryption (WEP/WPA) & MAC filtering are the likely suspects.

Do you have other devices connected wirelessly?

Homeplugs won't help you as the Controller communicates directly with the server software wirelessly.


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THe original poster said the system works fine wired though..
Good point!

I guess this proves that the Controller is connecting to the server software OK via the router so he just needs to find out why the Receiver won't connect. I stand corrected that Homeplugs would work in this scenario but it would be worth checking the wireless side before spending.

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