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Router Options


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Finally trying to get around to sort my home network out and looking for a router, below are the needs if anyone has and recommendations that would be great..

4G SIM with external ariel
ADSL modem
Able to route individual devices via 4g or ADSL
Ability to lock down website access for individual MAC addresses (kids devices so no over 18 content)

Maybe MESH network ??

Thanks for any help..

The Dude

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If you want a 1 box solution then you're looking at something like a Draytek 2862LN, the WiFi is a bit of an afterthought on such devices usually though, it you want superfast WiFi for whatever reason you're better going for the wired version and installing a separate WAP or a mesh system.

Routing different WAN connections on a 'per device' basis is only possible via VLans as far as I'm aware, so there's a bit of config for you to do at both ends if you want that level of control. :)
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Making routing decisions on a "per device" basis is the very essence of what routers do. Strictly speaking, it's done by IP addresses (or ranges of IP addresses.) However - there's the rub, IP addressing can easily be changed in many devices which makes it not entirely robust and reliable if required as a security mechanism. Whether SOHO gear offers such granularity of control is another matter, though one would hope higher end "pro-sumer" equipment offered such things.

In better equipment one can indulge in additional "layers" of complexity that can be wrapped into the rules such as VLAN's, which (physical) interfaces are involved, ACL's, NAT translation, firewalls, etc. etc. It can all get very complicated very quickly!
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TBH, I would have thought most of my usecase is pretty simple, taking a MAC addresses and applying filters and routing, filters so the kids cannot access anything dodgy and routing so i can pass most traffic via the 4g route, but keep things like my home security which uses a static ip to the ADSL route ....

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