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Jul 9, 2007
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I have a modem which has ONE ethernet socket which works great with my Internet, it seems very fast and never have problems with connection.

However, I have bought a PS3, therefore I want to have the PS3 and my PC connected to the Internet at the same time.

I am now using a BT Home Hub which has TWO ethernet connections so it works as I want, however my internet seems slower and disconnects quite regularly.

Am I best getting a new router with 2 ethernet connections but a better one that the BT home hub or shall I get a wireless router or what??

Can someone please suggest the best thing to buy which will suit my needs (PS3 and PC connected to Internet at same time)

Thanks in advance
In the advanced settings of the BT HomeHub router switch off the firewall, that speeds things up. Once you have done the above unplug the router from the mains for 1-2 mins and then reconnect, you should now be running faster. If you have just installed it are you aware of this, it is in the instructions.

From the Web help pages!

After initial connection to BT Broadband, the service can take up to an hour to stabilise, and, in a few cases, up to 24 hours.

During this time you may experience an intermittent connection, usually accompanied by a flashing light (usually labelled ‘DSL’ or ‘Broadband’) on your modem or router. This is normal and is not a fault with the service - it is caused by the exchange testing different speeds to determine the fastest stable speed for your line conditions. Once this process is complete, your service should stabilise. Although you should have a stable broadband connection after the first hour, the service in fact takes a further 10 days to identify and settle at the final optimum speed for your phone line. During this period you may notice your broadband speed fluctuating. Again, this is a normal characteristic of the way the service works and is not a fault. .

An intermittent broadband connection (possibly accompanied by a flashing light on your modem or router) is most likely caused by the broadband service automatically adjusting your speed in order to maintain the fastest possible stable connection (a process known as 're-synching'). Re-synchs are usually triggered by electrical interference affecting your phone line. The re-synch process requires the broadband signal to be dropped for 20-60 seconds while a new stable speed is identified. If you have a router or hub, your broadband service should then re-connect automatically; if you have a modem, you will usually see a prompt on your computer screen asking you to re-connect manually.

Thanks for the reply.

Any idea how to turn off the firewall?

Open internet explorer and type in continue to advanced Password and User = admin. Under configuration select Firewall and set to Disabled.

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