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Hi, hoping somebody can help me here. :)

Just taken a lease for a business premises and the internet available is very poor as there is no fibre. We are getting download speeds of around 7mb. :(

My mobile, which is on Three is getting a very fast 5G signal.

I was wondering if there is a decent 5G router I can get that has a few ethernet ports on the back.

We do need a few ethernet ports at the rear as we use voip phones and one part needs connecting to the router. We also need the usual wireless connections too.

Would it be possible to connect a secondary router to it (think its called access point?) and then any equipment can be hardwired if necessary?

I have seen there is a product called Huawei CPE Pro2 but can't find much information on it, its around £400 too so don't want to spend that much without reading much first-hand UK reviews on it first.

Any help out there is appreciated...


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For business use, ideally you want a better router than just the standard business grade ones supplied by internet providers, as they don't provide a lot of protection against targeted threats.

We use the Fortigate range and I'm pretty certain they offer a unit that can take a USB 4G modem as the main internet source. Not sure anyone is doing a 5G as yet. Alternatively you can use a 4G router in modem mode and plug it into the WAN port on the firewall / router.

Best advice, find a good dealer who can specify you the right product and support service. We have almost daily OTA updates to the firewall and router and have suffered zero downtime. We have a 4G router as a backup that's plugged into our Fortinet and automatically fails over if the fibre optic 2Gb connection fails. This also sends us an email to tell us, but as the internet speed in the office dives, we normally hear from the operators before the email arrives...


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This is not a recommendation, but a company such as this: Business Connectivity & Broadband Solutions | Air IT

They are a communications provider rather than a "computer company", so are dedicated to supplying your broadband needs and not the hardware side. They will provide you with a managed solution, which may cost a little more, but will be more secure and have much better resilience than domestic lines.

Business grade lines normally have a slower headline download speed figure than domestic, but its quite often a lower contention service, so the overall speed and reliability is normally much better. As an example, we have a 2GB fibre line directly into our offices from the exchange and we have throttled this to 100MB, as even with 50 video capable call centre operators, 5 video capable meeting rooms, 7 smart TVs streaming content and any number of private devices, we've never got close to needing more bandwidth than this. We pay £250 per month for a managed service which includes 4G failover and a spare fibre line and termination box with automatic switchover. We only got the 4G failover as the 2 fibre lines are laid together in a trench across a country park, so it's likely any damage would affect both lines.

It depends really upon the size of your business and reliance on the broadband.If ours failed, we would have 50 people sat around unable to work, as we rely on VOIP phones and video calling. Our service is recognised as being very cheap for what we get, as a leased line solution would probably be about 10x the cost!

For a small office where internet failure would not be business critical, I am sure you would pay much less than £250 per month.

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