Router advice for adsl broadband


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As above

I want a wired router and i have heard one with a modem built in is the better option

I looked at this one in Maplin
and was going to buy but decided to nip into Gamestation for advice and was told to go to xbox for a list of recommended routers

Question : is router i loked at any good and if not what should I go for

I currently am with tiscali and have a speed of 2mb/sec but should go to 8mb pretty soon


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Hi Dave, never come across that one, I've had a netgear dg834g for 4 years and it still works flawlessly, linksys, belkin and D-link are among the other better known ones.


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I use Netgear RP614 (v1 is not compatible with Live but you shouldn't see any of these around as they are now on v4).

I've had no problems with this router and it is currently supporting 2 XBLive connections behind it.


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Totally AVOID any cheap stuff like that Maplin you linked.

I listed my recommended routers on my website in the Equipment section. Netgear DG834's as suggested are great routers

Urien Rheged

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Another heads up on the Netgear DG834G. I set mine up last week with help from ShadowmanUK :)smashin: nice one dude). Since getting and setting mine i have had great trouble free Xbox Live fun. I know somebody who is selling a reconditioned boxed DG834G with all the extras for £35 plus p&p if youre interested.


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Agreed the Netgear DG834 is a great little router. Looks nice and so easy to set up.
Amazon were selling these little gems (latest v3 model) at £43 delivered a few days ago. Highly recommended! :smashin:


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Screw the Netgear*, I'm using a Dynamode R-ADSL-C4W-EG. Great little modem/router. Dabs has it for < &#163;40 at the mo.

*I haven't used a Netgear router.

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