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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by h0l1yw0od, Mar 13, 2001.

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    Did anyone else buy Rouchnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles? I thought it was excellent, especially for a kids show.

    The action was thick and fast the animation was superb. Not so much Toy Story style CGI but more like the movies sequences from G-Police and Colony Wars on the Playstation.

    I got it purley on the strength that the movie is fantastic and i love it. What a bummer that there won't be another series, especially with the ending dialogue.

    My only complaints are:

    -Not using the original score from the movie, especially on the opening credits, how wimpy is THAT music!

    -The character faces were a little to cartoony but again its a kids show

    -The guns making a swee-swee sound instead of thumping machine gun effects although they did grow on me. I expect this was because of the constant 99 minutes worth of gun fire that it was considered too violent, but like i say it grew on me and there is a meaty chain gun toward the end. [​IMG]

    -lack of body count! I'm just kidding. The bugs bleed though which i wasn't expecting.

    DVD wise its a shame theres no commentary from the producers/CG artists even though Paul Verhoeven was one of the producers [​IMG] it would have been good and also a documentary on how the CG was produced and rendered which would have been interesting, well to me anyway. And they could have finished it off with some TV spots, they must have advertised it unless thats why it didn't do very well.

    So did'ya get it...?

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