Roughly how many hours per day is your main household TV watched?

Roughly how many hours per day is your main household TV watched?

  • We don't use a TV

    Votes: 9 1.6%
  • 30 minutes

    Votes: 11 2.0%
  • 1 hour

    Votes: 16 2.8%
  • 2 hours

    Votes: 43 7.6%
  • 3 hours

    Votes: 70 12.4%
  • 4 hours

    Votes: 100 17.8%
  • 5 hours

    Votes: 96 17.1%
  • 6 hours

    Votes: 59 10.5%
  • 7 hours

    Votes: 32 5.7%
  • 8 hours

    Votes: 33 5.9%
  • 9 hours

    Votes: 4 0.7%
  • 10 hours

    Votes: 18 3.2%
  • 11 hours

    Votes: 2 0.4%
  • 12 hours

    Votes: 19 3.4%
  • 13 hours

    Votes: 2 0.4%
  • 14 hours

    Votes: 11 2.0%
  • 15 hours

    Votes: 7 1.2%
  • 16 hours

    Votes: 4 0.7%
  • 17 hours

    Votes: 3 0.5%
  • 18 hours

    Votes: 3 0.5%
  • 19 hours

    Votes: 1 0.2%
  • 20 hours

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 21 hours

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 22 hours

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 23 hours

    Votes: 1 0.2%
  • 24 hours

    Votes: 19 3.4%

  • Total voters

Stuart Wright

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My folks reckon they *only* watch their TV for 6 hours per day. How much do you use your main household TV?
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8 hours a day i reckon maybe more at the weekend.
It will go down when the Mrs goes back to work to about 5 i reckon.


the main tv stays on for about 5hrs/day during the week and probably about 8hrs/day on the weekends.

i can't believe 2 voters have listed 24hrs!:eek:


TV is on probably around 7 hours on most days here :D


Novice Member
The tv is often on for more than 3 hours, but I'm often on the internet or doing other stuff at the same time. Sadly, the tv goes on pretty much as the first thing when I come in and then is on in the back ground for most of the other stuff.

Tight Git

Distinguished Member
I can't believe 2 voters have listed 24hrs!:eek:
With more than one person in the household, ours tends to get watched in shifts, ie 6 hours of cricket for me, followed by 4 hours of soaps for Mrs TG.

On average, I'd say 8 hours. :)
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I think about an hour per day, we hardly watch any TV during week and 1 or 2 programms during weekend. The TV is on for more than that though, I mainly use TV for gaming and to watch Blu-ray movies.


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OMG 4 sad people have said we dont use a tv.

About 3-5 hours, me.

Stuart Wright

AVForums Founder
Staff member
The figure I'm after here is how many hours the TV is watched in a day by anyone in the household. So it's quite possible, though pretty unlikely, that if someone works shifts, the TV in their house is watched for 24 hours.


Distinguished Member
About 3 hours during the week (7pm ish to 10pm ish, maybe a bit more), and probably no more than double or at a push triple that at weekends.


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Makes you wonder, seens this is an aV site :D
V ;)..
Some Folk watch Videos off the internet ( You tube) Or Laptops/ Desktops with tuners and may not consider that TV

My TVs at home ( all 4 of them ) are on because children will not be persuaded not to watch but Until recently I didnt watch TV at all for almost 2 months ( I mean sit down to actually watch) myself
Some folk with High end AV kit just watch films ...
To not have a TV is odd..:rolleyes:, IMHO and I get some folk I see in the course of work who say they dont own one ( Usually live alone if young ), or are in thier 60sor older and never had the urge:facepalm:


Novice Member
Our TV goes on as soon as the wife and kids are awake and downstairs. This can be any time between 7-9am.

The TV will pretty much be on all day then, until we go to bed between 11-12pm.

There might not always be someone actually watching it, but it's on none-the-less.
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I depends whether it's a weekend or during the week, if it's during the week then it's around 5 hours or so from when i get home from work, that's if there is anything decent on.

At the weekends this can grow to around 8 hours or more as i dont work weekends but again depending on if there is anything worth watching.

I'm surprised at the number of people that have picked 24 hours sat in front of the TV what are they corpses / mannequins :eek:

IWC Dopplel

Well-known Member
A difficult one to answer as my TV goes on probably once very two weeks, the Projector for film, a lot more :cool:

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