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ROUGH Estimate for a job like this...floating wall


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Hi guys, moving into my new place on the 30th and i will be looking to get a false wall built to accomodate my tv and fireplace (electric)

At the moment there is a chimney in place but that could be blocked up etc

iv seen an example i LOVE from another forum member and just looking for a rough guess on a cost to make my new living room which is:


into this....



Fireplace would need to be recessed like the example above but not sure if i would have the tv recessed incase i want to go bigger in the future

same with speakers etc, they wouldnt be recessed

any rough ideas guys????


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speak to a chippie/builder ? Maybe a day or twos work plus materials ? I'm guessing here - say £500. Depends on the finish and whether you need to get a decorator or plasterer in.

It looks awfully deep to me.... how about a wall mounted TV (the new ones are amazingly slim) with LED tape around the edge.

Put the speakers to the side of the chimney.

Spend the £500 you saved on better equipment ! :)

The TV looks to be mounted way too high - imagine the neck strain when you are lounging on your sofa.....


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Cheers for the reply buddy

I like the general idea of the build above but yes a few thing you mentioned are what I'd do

I'd still like a slight build (gap off the wall, for sound deadening and cable hides) tv I would have mounted rather than set in incase I change tv sizes at any point

I'd like the fireplace recessed though so that would need to be done, speakers I again wouldn't build in incase I want to change equipment, they could go either side of the chimney like you said :)


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If it was me i would start by knocking the bricks off around the fire and remove the hearth and brick alchoves (although this will push the costs up with a new carpet) but if you remove the brickwork yourself it will keep the costs down and will be a simple job for a chippie to do a 2" x 2" frame.

It looks like on your picture that the right alcove is larger than the left(but this could just be the camera angle) but if not i would build the frame tight to the left side and extend into the right to make the two alchoves semetrical.This will also give you a larger viewing area for your tv to be mounted.

The picture you have shown that you like, the tv is not recessed into the chimney breast but sat on, and as built his wall frame out. I did a similar thing but left a bigger gap for tv upgrade as you have suggested (imo this gives better ambilight from the back of the tv and looks more effective) bare in mind here your tv viewing distance and tv size and this might give you an idea of the recess you require (imo its best to know your future tv and download the specs and make the recess to this instead of your current tv- forward thinking, and maybe leave a 100mm to 200mm gap all the way round for the ambi feature.

Also easier if you use a telescopic tv bracket for a snug fit and easy access to get to cables etc.

Once it is all framed i would use mdf instead of plasterboard to keep costs down and alot easier.


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Cheers for the reply mate, what would be best to remove all the brickwork? Just a hammer and chisel???

I like the idea of a telescopic bracket, are these expensive though? Be alot easier!

I move in on the 6th August so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it

Yes the left is slightly smaller than the right alcove so this will have to be made symmetrical otherwise it would bug the hell out of me haha


Hello VAMOS DAN, although I am not available to work on your project here are a few examples of my work to give you some ideas.
Feel free to ask any questions and I will be delighted to help with any advice for you or your installer if you need it.

Although these properties appear to have bigger rooms (I live in a normal house like yours) you can easily apply the same principles.

A lot of these TV installations are flush mounted but you may notice the LED Samsung 8000 series which looks good surface mounted if done properly.
re. your concern about fitting a big TV later, you should be able to work out that if you install the TV properly in the first place with the correct bracket it is simple to increase the size of the set later with absolutely no plastering or decoration.
The 55" Samsungs easily replace the 50" flush mount Pioneers in my pictures with little or no work.

good luck with your project anyway



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thanks ArcAngel,
I just uploaded some more pics of a job finished last week in another thread if you look at my other posts


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Steve your work looks incredible! Super neat and tidy! Love how flush the tv's are fitted!

I move next Monday ,6th August, so any advice or questions from yourself would be awesome when it comes to starting work

I take it your based far away ?

Your installs are exactly like what I'm after


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What's the rough price I should be looking at for someone to do this for me Steve?


Let me know which particular features you are going to incorporate in your job and I will advise as much as possible.

I am in Manchester, where are you?


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I'm in Essex, close to Southend

Ideal setup is a false wall built out and around the existing chimney which would need to be blocked in

I then need an electric fire recessed into the bottom part of the false wall and then the tv fitted above, still not sure on the whole idea on recessing the tv invade I go bigger, currently it's 46" but I have been looking at 50/55" tv's

I'll probably have a cabinet either at the front of the false wall beneath the electric fire (if there is enough room for this and that it doesn't look odd)

Obviously need some kind of access to the tv, so I can attach all cables etc

Do you put sound proof insulation in when you do your installs?


Let me know which particular features you are going to incorporate in your job and I will advise as much as possible.

I am in Manchester, where are you?


You don't need to recess the TV if you can afford to by one of the slim LED models.
You just recess the metalwork etc. the TV overlaps the cut out as you can see on pics in other posts and
the MDF false chimney breast picture I posted to you.
This means when you replace the TV it goes on the same bracket but just covers the cut out more.

not sure what you mean by sound proof insulation, no such thing really.
please elaborate


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Sound deadening like Rockwool etc

I guess I have to wait and see how much room is left after the fireplace is installed as to how I can accommodate all my av equipment etc


Rockwool does little or nothing depending on what you want to achieve.

You are going to need your AV installer and fireplace fitter to work together.
There are a few AV installers like me who will do a basic install of gas or electric fires or prepare an opening to fire regs and then get a registered person to commision the everything.

I have just prepared a builders opening to the fire peoples spec for a complicated corner fitting gas fire.
There is a TV and sound system integrated into the design.


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first post but had to sign up just to say wow.... them installs are great steve love to do one of them in mine.


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if you was based this way you could do mine aswell! :(


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Having been through this, do note most 'chippies' do NOT appreciate the precision required for flush-fit equipment. Joiners yes. Chippies/builders no. Generally.

Therefore if you are not building the frame yourself, drum into whoever is building it over and over again that 1306mm +1/-0 means just that, NOT 'about 1300, maybe more at the bottom and less at the top'.

If you make sure the frame is spot on then the rest will follow. If the frame is out it requires a lot of hassle with shims, planes and rasps to get it all right.



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How's it going then VAMOS DAN?

not started it yet mate in the process of removing the brickwork around the existing fireplace, removed old fire and capped gas, so basically preparing it all ready for the false wall to be constructed

Im just having difficulty visioning how to get all the cables from the AV equipment that will be in the room right next to the false wall


Oh. I was sort of hoping the plethora of photo examples would help you with that.
I have uploaded other pics on the forum so if you have a look round they might be useful otherwise be a little more specific and I will see if I can help.

Chris you are absolutely right about workmanship.
Although not officially a joiner I can hold my own with the stuff I do.
I have extremely high standards and do all the precision stuff personally so don't have those issues.

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