Rotel Tribute Editions: A11 Amplifier and CD11 CD Player Review & Comments


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I checked out the review and as someone thats played around changing opamp's and caps,diodes etc etc i can say for £70 extra its a no-brainier, i've got a set of £100 opamp's in a £150 phono stage so know how expensive this stuff can get so to me these seem very good value for money.

I also knew as soon as a CD player was mentioned people would jump on the streaming bandwagon, to some people CD just sounds better and to some extent i can see why as two digital sources can sound different, i own a modified Bluesound node2 with an external power supply i also have a Cambridge audio CXUHD universal disk player, both playing the same song using the same sample rate both connected using the same brand and length of cable to the same DAC (chord QBD76HD) i get two different sonic signatures, very subtle differences i might add but still different, now some will say thats rubbish because both are digital but when you think about what each is doing they are different and the implementation of error correction and jitter rejection are different the time clock accuracy and the signal path design are different etc etc it becomes a little more clear why some just prefer CD to streaming.

PS i stream 99% but some stuff you can't get without multiple subscriptions so CV and Vinyl can still fill a void.


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I like going over to the shelves & choosing a Disc (Be it CD or Blu-ray) & popping it into the Machine.
I also like the convenience of streaming.
Room in the World for both.


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Lovely review and makes me reminisce about simpler times back in the 90s when I got into hifi. I wish I hadn't binned my what hifis from that era.

I'm firmly stuck in that era with my Kenwood KA3020SE and Audiolab 8000A amps!

This is a great example of why audio is such a great hobby. Two boxes plus speakers that can bring great enjoyment at a fairly reasonable price.


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I’ve always been a huge fan of Rotel. They make some great kit. My friend sent me his A11 tribute to have a listen and, for the money, it is a brilliant amplifier. It’s not the best amplifier in the world but, to my ears, I can‘t think of a new £500 amplifier that sounds better. He’s not getting it back in a hurry :smashin:


Hi, @Ed Selley
(and hello to everyone)

I saw that you reviewed the A11 Tribute with Triangle Borea BR03 and I have also a pair of Triangle Borea BR03 combined with a PM5005, which I want to change it if I would find something better in a limited budget.
Therefore I want to ask you what is your opinion, should I change my PM5005 with A Rotel A11 Tribute? would be an improve in sound quality or just one step to the side?

I know that the Triangle Borea BR03 are a bright speakers, is Rotel A11 Tribute enough warm (as it's Marantz) to manage, to calm down the Triangle brightnes, or would sound a little more bright than with the Marantz?
My attention is also been on the PM6007, for a few days.

So, I'm stuck and I don't know what to do, what to buy, to buy the new PM6007? would be he an sound improve or I would have the same situation, just one step to the side.

My available budget is somewhere at the PM6007 or the A11 tribute level, (in my country), about 600 euros.


LE: anyone? nobody don't know, didn't hear, which amps would work very well with Triangle Borea speakers??
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