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Rotel RSP-1570 HDMI Out strange Resolutions


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Hi all,
I recently got a Rotel RSP-1570 (thanks to folks on this site pointing it out to me :thumbsup:) and whilst I am very pleased with the sound quality (and having DVD-A back :rolleyes:), I am having nothing but trouble when it comes to the HDMI output :(.

It doesn't matter what hdmi output setting I pick in the rotel menu, as the signal I recieve at the display is I'ver out of range if fed a 1080p signal or some thing like 486 by 576 if feed a 576 signal (all signals via hdmi). However bring up the rotel menu and it outputs 480p fine to the display :confused:.

Does anyone have any idea whats up?

Note, one more thing that might be important. when i feed the amp a HD sound signal (dts hd, etc) and use the Rotel to output the video, not only do i get out of range but I also lose the audio, however if I change nothing on the rotel but instead feed my projector directly from the PC graphic card (in clone mode and swap the input choose on the PJ), then the sound suddenly works fine.

Edit, should just add Rotel has been updated to latest firmware and PJ gives incorrect EDID readings
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The 1570 should bypass all HDMI signals without interference? So any signal you send it via HMDI will passthrough unaffected. The resolution settings should only apply to other video inputs.

Are you 100% it is not a player and projector compatibility problem? Is the 1570 on 1080P mode in the OSD settings just to be sure?

With regards to the audio, have you selected HDMI - AUDIO in the INPUT settings via the OSD menu?

Press and hold OSD/MENU, then select, then select INPUT, and ensure all settings are correct for the input you want to use.




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Found the cause :thumbsup:, its not the Rotel, but rather my PJ :(
Tried pluging the output hdmi from the amp into another display, and everything worked as it should.

So the question is now, is their anyway to force the Rotel to output a Resolation that will over ride the EDID its getting from the Optima HD80, or is their any device on the market I can get to trick the rotel? I have come across a gefen hdmi detective, but don't know if this will do the trick?

But at least I do know now that its 100% the PJ EDID timings :facepalm:


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Well it seems unless I buy a nvidia card to try and reset the EDID readings on my PJ, i'm stuck with the problem (or buy a new display of course ;)).

Thankfully though I've found that by using a hdmi spitter to send the same signal to the pre-amp and PJ gets me around it for time, not exactly what I had in mind when I got the pre-amp, but at least it means 72 hours later :eek: everything is working where I need it to, and now I can finally get around to enjoying the Rotel :clap:, which is very good by the way :thumbsup:

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