rotel rmb-1095 +rsp-985

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    does anyone have this combination ? i know a lot about the amp but not the processor.Any comments would be appriciated.

    thank you

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    I have the RSP 985 and the RB 991 & RB 993 power amps (the same as the 1095 but in two separate boxes). First, Rotel power amps are bullet proof, wiegh a ton, look great and sound fantastic. They will drive ANY speaker you try. I run B&W CDM7NT's, CDMCNT & CDM2SE's. B&W speakers are notorious for their power demands as the impedance drops. The Rotel's are THX Ultra certified and although some think this to be a pile of mince - it does the job.

    The RSP 985 is just as good but from experience I'll tell you a few niggles. The volume control can be bit temperamental, as in you can apply the same pressure on the remote but it will move a different distance every time. Gentle application of the volume button is the best solution.

    If you listen to a lot of music, use the DB25 input at the back as this is the only analogue bypass on the unit. All other signals received go through the DSP's. At present I don't have an interconnect to support the DB25 but the sound is still fantastic (I just know if will be a little better when using the bypass) and they are readily available from <a href="" target="_blank"></a> .

    On a more positive note - the HC sound is about as clear and dynamic as you will get for the money (and beyond). You'd have to buy Proceed or Tag to have a value for money upgrade. A lot of people moan because it doesn't support EX. If you don't have the room for those extra speakers or don't care - go for the RSP 985. Dolby D is great, DTS is on another planet (Please - this is my opinion, no arguments neccessary.).

    Setup also only takes about 10 minutes and is pretty flexible apart from having a fixed crossover rate for subs. That's THX for you.

    Hope this helps. If need any more it here. Cheers.

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