Rotel RMB-1075 How much air needed?

Mark Ward

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The manual for my RMB-1075 states I should allow 10cm around the chassis to avoid over-heating. Is this amount of clearance really necessary? It seems a bit excessive. How hot do they get?

I'm hoping to buy another RMB-1075 to bi-amp the main 5 speakers and 2 of these babies with 10cm clearance each will just about fill one of my racks.



Mate has the 993 and 992, 200W. Front panel is the main heatsink. And that stays stone cold. Try running hard for several hours. If the top is slightly warm then you don't need 10cm

A couple of inches on top would do.

Ps. It's not worth biamping speakers for AV. The centre is worth bi-amping but rears are defently not worth it.

Mark Ward

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Thanks for your comments but I'm really hoping for some imput from some 1075 owners. 2 of my racks have fixed shelves and would only give me 1.2cm clearance at the top. The Third Rack wouldn't be the ideal home for the 1075's as they's fill it up between them.

Has anyone used an RMB-1075 with just over 1cm clearance to the top?

I do tend to drive my system fairly hard too :devil:


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