Rotel RA-971


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I am thinking about getting one of these for my bedroom - it will be used with a pair of Castle Richmond 3's and a Pioneer 626 DVD player (also doubling up as a cd player).
What are people's thoughts as to this amp and what price would I be looking at?



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Well, I have gone and bought this amp now, so should be interesting to see what it sounds like with the Pioneer.

If I was to add a seperate cd player what would you recommend - no more than say £70? And would this make a massive difference over the Pionner. (Remembering it is only for the bedroom anyway :D )



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Not familiar with your amp but I do own a lot of other rotel kit. Why not try and pick up a secondhand Rotel RCD965BX. This player has classic status and got amazing reviews in the mid-late 90s. £50-60 should get you one from ebay or £100 from a dealer with a bit of waranty.


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Interesting, anyone else with any recommendations for around the £50 mark - and will it be better than my DVD player (which did cost me a considerable amount of money at the time)....


Always buy rotel. In over 2 years of selling it, I've had 3 returns - 2 were fuses due to shoddy wiring, and the cd player was dropped by amtrak.
Pretty good going by the lads at Rotel to never have owt go wrong...

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