rotel ra-02 and subwoofer?


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ok i have a pair of monitor audio S1 speakers and a rel q150e sub how would i use these with rotel ra-02 stereo amp? there is no output i can output from sony players pre-out or denon pre-out but how do i control the volume of the speakers and sub togehter

my equip:
rotel ra-02 stereo amp
denon 2802 av amp
sony ns-930 dvd/sacd
monitor audio s1 front speakers


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I assume you're driving your front speakers with the Rotel amp only.

In this case you need a run of speaker cable going from the Rotel to the Q150E, and you need to use the filter and volume settings on the back of the REL.

BTW, it might be wiser if you ask for this thread to be transferred to the 'Speakers' section, you might get a more positive response there.


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ok do u mean the hi-input on the sub from both speaker outputs?
this is totaly different from the av amp setup how does the sub get all the low bass and the front speakers get none there isnt a crossover option on the amp. sorry im new to the hifi side of things. I have the denon 2802 but wasent happy with stereo so bought the rotel for the stereo duties i plan to still use the fronts in movies by unplugging the speakers and putting them in the denon when i want to watch a film shouldnt be to much trouble with bananna plugs

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