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Rotel Power Amps

Discussion in 'AV Pre-Amp/Processors & Power Amps' started by Jas, Jan 16, 2001.

  1. Jas

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    Jul 14, 2000
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    Does anyone currently use any of the following rotel power amps RMB1095 THX 200WPC 8 OHM 5 channel amp or the RB993 THX 200WPC 8 OHM 3 channel amp.
    Would you recommend the above and do they sound good with music and movies,and does anyone know of any special prices and where i can get a decent demo. regards jas.
  2. smiller


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    The Rotel power amps mentioned are the Dogs B*llocks. I have the 991 & 993 (991 for front left/right and 993 for centre and rears) and have to say that these take some beating. The 993 has now been discontinued : ( , basically because if you want 5x200 watts you can get the 1095. As I listen to more music than movies I prompted to go for the two boxes over the one. With the 991 you have 2x200 watts into 8 ohms but with much more headroom than the 1095 as the impedance drops. The 993 is quite sufficient for centre and rears !

    These amps will run anything you throw at them and trust me - they are a great choice. Just be prepared for the wrath of the neighbours.

    Here's my system -

    Rotel RSP985 : DTS, DD, THX Processor
    Rotel RB 991 : 2 x 200Watts
    Rotel RB 993 : 3 x 200Watts
    Pioneer 626 : Multi-Zone
    Linn Genki : CD Player
    B&W CDM7NT : Fronts
    B&W CDMCNT : Centre
    B&W CDM2SE : Rears
    Sony KV32FC60Z : Art Couture model (nice !!!)

    As the 993 (and soon the 991, I believe) has been discontinued you should be able to get a nice discount.

    Good luck.

    Success has many fathers but failure is a bastard.

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