Rotel Network Connection and Music Streaming?


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As many of you know the new ROTEL Amps all have a Network Connection, but apparently only for Software updates. But I have heard you can get them to Stream Music using 3rd Party software.

Has anyone tried this or even heard about it? Any information you can give me?

Seems odd they would have a Network Connection, but not allow Network Streaming of Audio, though perhaps that is intended for a future upgrade when they get their software together.

Any help on this?



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Where did you hear that? You asked a similar question back in August
Rotel RA-1572 & RA-1592 NETWORKING???

The question still stands open though. I have read references to this on Audio Forums, though never any details. I'm not sure if people were speculating or if they had actually done it.

It would seem on a straight up Integrated Amp, their would be little to no need for software upgrades, and therefore little to no need for a Network Port. But with an amp with Network Capability, the Network Software could need frequent upgrades.

Keep in mind that Rotel does make Streaming products and have for quite a while, though you don't hear much about them, so not clear how good they are.

It just seems odd they would add Network Capability and not take it that one step further. If they are having software troubles, they could license one of the otherwise free Network Streaming Software packages for a very low cost.

Still curious if anyone has come across any references to this 3rd party software working relative to adding Network Streaming to the Rotel ... other than from me.

Again, just curious.

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