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Rotel - B&W/Paradigm - A real difference?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Luis_2005, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Luis_2005


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    Hello, I want to get a hometheather for my coming house. (I'm helping my dad) I was thinking about getting a Rotel RSDX-02 Receiver. It seems very nice for the price and the reviews that I have read say that is great. Also I took in account Arcam, but I Rotel also has a DVD player, SACD, etc. And also in the city I can get this kind of stuff, I just found an authorized distributor for Rotel, Paradigm and BW. Also I read that Rotel/BW mate great. I thought in BW DM303, LCR3 and ASW500 But it's a little expensive and the speakers are a little large. (Not for me, for my dad and the price is judged by my dad)

    Paradigm Cinema CT 40 seems another great option. But I was thinking about if the quality would be very different from BW. I mean, BW would really kick these Paradigm speakers completely? What would be that sound difference? What sounds more tight in these BW speakers? Because for my dad the $1000 difference and the speaker size is crucial. I know that normal speakers than miniature ones would sound better. But my dad doesn't really care in the quality. (He told me that he wants better than Bose but Bose sucks).
    So also he told me if the BW quality is really different from the Paradigm he sacrifices the price and the size.

    Waiting for your responses


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