Rotel/B&W customer service experience


I thought that i would share my experiences with you on my recent customer service dealings with B&W. Its long so stick with me :)

I have a Rotel 1055 receiver which i purchased from Superfi at the beginning of December 2002, but took delivery mid December 2002. During December 2004 i started to get an intermittent crackling from the front left channel, but with Christmas etc and other family commitments didnt get chance to fully look at the problem. Anyway after New Year i started using the amp again and the problem was still there so i tried to diagnose it i.e changed speaker wires, speakers etc but it was still on the left channel so it must definitely be the amp.

Phoned Superfi who i bought the amp off and told them it was just out of warranty, who said i would have to pay for the repair, i didnt mind as i just wanted it repairing. The following Saturday struggled through town with it, as the amp is heavy and town was busy.
Got into Superfi who then said that just the other day they stopped doing out of warranty repairs, so i again explained the situation i.e it started mid December and what with Christmas, problem diagnosis etc i have only just had chance to sort it out so could they please help me out, i was met with a point blank No, there is nothing we can do. I kicked up a fuss in a busy shop and explained that i had spent several £'000's over the past year or so with them so could they please help me out, to again be told no nothing we can do.

Anyway rang Superfi HO on the Monday explained the situation to them and the fact it is only a few weeks out of warranty i have spent several £'000s etc to be again told nothing we can do, with a tough luck attitude, end of conversation, not interested.
Was also told that it is now throw away technology, fine i thought for a £30 dvd player but we are talking an £1,100 amp.

Anyway disheartened and not knowing which way to turn i rang B&W to see if they had a list of approved repairers in the area, i then explained the situation to them and the poor aftersales service i had received from Superfi and the fact that i would have thought better from retailers of a so called premium product. B&W asked me how old the amp was so explained that it is now about 3-4 weeks out of warranty to which they replied as a goodwill gesture they would repair foc :clap: .

Kudos to B&W they arranged everything from sending me a new box to put the amp in, picking the amp up from my place of work, repairing it within a week and then sending it back on an am delivery this Friday, she knew i was leaving early this Friday (from a previous conversation).

The problem with the Amp was apparently dry joints, whatever that is, so they have not just repaired those dry joints but all the others as a preventative measure and upgraded the firmware.

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