Rotel and B&W


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Looking at getting the Rotel 1056 av amp and matching it to some B&W FPM4 or FPM5's for the front L C & R channels with a pair of M1#s making up the rear. I have heard the FPM4's today and they do sound good but not heard the Rotel yet. Just read a lot of positive reviews about it.

Can anyone coment if this is an ideal setup/combo for home theater? Not really concerned about the music side.



Just my opinion but I like Rotel kit, seems of a higher quality compared to lots of the other japanese kit


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They should be a good match; As far as I am aware Rotel used to do the amps for B&W active speakers (don't know if this is still the case). Also, B&W distribute Rotel kit in the UK, so atleast B&W think there is a synergy.


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