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I am considering moving from my CM 8 S2 to the KEF R3. I recently moved the CM 8’s out of my living room and moved my system to the top of a IKEA 3x4 Kallax. I am using my old Wharfedale 9.1’s in the meantime connected to my Rotel A-14. I don’t have the space to keep the CM8’s and I am worried the kids will damage them as well as being maybe a little bass heavy in my small apartment. They are in storage now. I was considering the 706 s2, but in Israel are too expensive. I shipped in my CM 1 s2 from
the UK and then traded them for the 8’s. Even with shipping I got more then what I paid for them!

Anyway, wondering how the KEF will play with the Rotel? Placement won’t be ideal on the IKEA until, but maybe one day when the kids are older I can move them to stands.

Any other speaker recommendations are appreciated. I am actually happy with the Wharfedales, but trying to find a sort of in between from the Wharfedales and B&W’s.



The Rotel has enough power to do the KEF's justice. How it will sound is something only you can decide on really. Rotels do seem to suit and number of speakers and is considered to be on the warm side of things. The KEFs are certainly a bigger than the Wharfedales, much more competent with a true three way design.

You'll find the KEFs have a wider dispersion and not so bright in the treble over the CMs. Not listened to the 706 S2, but they are a class act and perhaps too much for the Rotel to be honest.

If you are going to have them on a cabinet then experiment with the bungs, two stage bungs are supplied, to help control the bass. They can be fine tuned by moving them in and out when used half ported. It would also be wise to get good isolation feet to mount them on.


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The Rotel is a first water amplifier.

More than enough current to keep the Kefs happy at any volume.

A sterling power supply ensures excellent control.

I’ve had several Rotels over the years, 3 in fact.

And all share the same trait. They don’t fuss, they don’t perspire and they don’t add anything to the sound except rock solid power.

On occasions I’ve heard people say they didn’t think of a Rotel. Which is a mistake if you’re after a seriously engineered amplifier with a massively specified power supply.

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