rotel 1075 and unterminated wire


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Sep 16, 2003
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Cobham, Surrey
connecting surround backs to rotel 1075 power amp-how can i do it with unterminated speaker cable?(QED micro cable)
un terminated? you could twist the wire into 2 parts and then make a "fork" style terminal out of bending the "twists" into shape and then tighten the connector over them..

no idea how big micro wire is though.. im asuming v small ;)
lol v small and thin, could i just kinda wrap it around the terminal and just tighten it?
O ans just thought i would say that using the rotel 1070 2 chnl for my front two has made a significant increase in performance!
Hi Fred
There should be a hole in the connecter. screw the speaker connecter all the way out put the micro in the hole of the exposed steel bar then screw the connector back up tight.
Cheers Gonzo.
i expected there to be one as well, but all there is when you unscrew the glass thing is a gold circle with no hole, i have just kinda wrapped it round the circle now and closed it tight.
hope that does thr trick, not listening to anything till tomorrow as i have so much work to do
cheers for the contributions guys
Fred...spades or banana plugs offer the most reliable and easiest to use connections,especially if you change or move gear around....there are some excellent examples of each at low cost from Maplins,and much better(costly) examples from Kimber or WBT.
yer.. not sure why rotels dont have holes.. a temporary measure would work if you wrapped the cable around the terminal and tighten. but you must make sure not stray strands of wire are touching the other terminals or the chassis of the amp
well i have wrapped them around and made sure that no bits of the speaker cable are in contact with each terminal or the metal back of the amp.
7.1 is superb, really is worth the extra money!
cheers for your help guys

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