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Rotel 1066 to TV (scart) which cable?

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by ian_linington, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. ian_linington


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    Hello all,

    I've finally moved house and I'm about to start retrieving all my AV equipment from various places.

    As I went and bought a new Rotel 1066 several months ago ( I new I wouldn't be allowed to spend any money after we moved !!) What is the best way to connect the upscaled picture out of the Rotel into the TV ??

    From looking at the back of the Rotel it has Coaxial, Composite, S-Video and Component. The TV can accept only SCART. It needs to be a fairly long lead, 5 ish meters and will need to be passed through 2 holes drilled in external walls (via the garage)

    Also please let me know of UK web sites where I can get the cable from.

    For note I'm going to be upscaleing Pioneer 717 DVD player, Pioneer 1075 (?) laserdisk player, Video and possible a freeview box.)

    Many thanks for you help

    Ian L.

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