Rotel 1055/1066 owners?

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I have a 1066 pro and use a coax lead from my Pio 747 for DVD's and also as a CD transport. I set the 1066 to 2ch stereo and then it auto detects DD/DTS signals and switches to them for DVD and back for CD.

The problem I have is that most DVD's have the menu's in DD 2.0 which means the processor automatically turns on PL2 even though I have set it to 2 channel. When the movie starts it goes to full DD but when I put a CD in again it's still on PL2, not 2 channel.

I know there is a software update (mine is 2.2.4) that cures a similar, reverse problem and I will do this soon.

Anyone else found a solution to this annoying problem? Is there any way I can stop it going to PL2 when it detects a DD 2.0 signal?


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Same setup except I don't use my 757 as a CD player. Can you not use the stereo outputs and select a different input when listening to CD's ?

Otherwise you could possibly use the multi-channel input when listening to CD's ?

Anyway just some thoughts. My firmware is the same, I thought the later one actually stopped it reverting to 2ch. My PS2 will revert back to 2channel if it's previously output a DTS signal which is a bit annoying.

Stereo Steve

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I've decided to split up my devices now so I use a Panasonic E50 for all DVD replay and recording. I then use my Sony 705 (sold the 747) as a CD/SACD player. I use the digital coax to the CD input for CD's and select multi for SACD's. Plan to upgrade this player shortly for a better CD/SACD player.

This keeps audio and video apart and stops it switching from one to the other. Another major annoyance is that I can't leave the multi in's switched on. I listen to mostly music and I would like to have a good CD/SACD player hooked to the multi inputs and leave it on that until I want DVD/VCR/PS2 etc. But no, every time I turn the thing on, the multi's are off. I would also like to be able to assign the multi input like you can with the digital ones. So I could assign it to CD and leave it on that most of the time. You can do this on most amps and I very nearly got rid of the 1066 the other day because of it.

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