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Hi All,

Looking for some help as Google doesn't understand the difference between rotating and swivel :)

I have a TV that I would like to mount on the wall and mostly watch TV on, but occasionally I would like to use it to play pinball fx3 in portrait mode, which means I need a bracket that can rotate at least 90 degrees from landscape to portrait mode.

It seems this is a pretty hard thing to buy in the UK. Does anyone have any experience of buying a bracket like this and can advise of a few options?



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As conventional TVs aren't intended to be viewed at 90 degrees, you'll probably have more luck searching for a bracket for something that can be, such as a PC monitor or commercial display.

A quick Google search for 'rotating monitor bracket' gives this result - is that the kind of bracket you're after ? I've no idea whether that particular bracket is any good (it seems quite cheap, although CPC are a reputable retailer), but it's at least a sign that you should be able to get something to suit your needs.

Make sure you check the obvious things like the VESA spacing and weight of your TV. How big is it ? You're going to need an awful lot of wall space to rotate a 55" TV, plus very long power and HDMI cables ! If it's not large, then a table-top rotating stand is another option and this type may be more common.


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Thanks Mike, that is a very good point and one I hadn't considered. It is 55" and I am wary of the space needed for rotation something I am hoping I can't get around with some adjustment (either side to side or cantilever) in the wall mount.


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