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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by Jroz, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Hey Guys,

    I'm finally closing on a house within the few weeks and have already set my eyes on the most important renovations/project in home ownership...A home theater of course! But seriously, I'm planning to build out this theater space in the summer of 2014, so I have plenty of time to plan everything out the correct way...


    - 2 rows with 8 total seats
    - Build a riser for the second row
    - 7.1 surround sound
    - Use an a/v rack outside of the room (behind screen wall)

    A little background on the space:

    - Finished room in the basement
    - 13' x 20 1/2' x ~ 80-84"
    - Carpet down
    - Drywall up
    - Ceiling is not finished and has all central air ducts above (killing my head room)
    - The room is below the living room so there doesn't appear to be any water pipes, just air conditioning ducts (water pipes are in a different portion of the unfinished basement)
    - 3 sides of the room are open to the rest of the unfinished basement, so throwing in some nice insulation behind the drywall isn't a problem if I need to...would I need to? 1 side is up against an exterior wall (hope it has some nice insulation in there)

    My preliminary ideas:

    - My Wife wants us to finish the ceiling within the first few months that we move in (sounds good to me) because its "ugly" so I wanted to use a drop ceiling so I can easily run wires and the projector, and have access above for once I start the real project next summer.

    - I'd like to install a grid system and use black ATS acoustic panels like these
    ATS Fabric Acoustic Panels for Drop Ceilings
    which are 2" thick and are supposed to help with the sound escaping up into the room above.

    - My thought would be that drop ceilings don't work as well as drywall because its hollow? (is that right?) so would it be best to use insulation in-between the drop ceiling?

    - I don't plan to have recess lighting in the ceiling and instead would like to use wall sconces, so do I need to worry about anything else if I want insulation in-between this area?

    I am not looking to 100% sound proof the room by any means, though would like something for the ceiling that would help cut out some if not at least half of the sound leaking to the problem I foresee though is there is an air duct that is in the ceiling that drops in A/C and forced heat..I assume the sound will easily make its way up throughout the house through this duct?


    Going back to my room dimensions, pretty good size for a small home theater...only problem is the damn ceiling height! I measured out the lowest portion in the ceiling and its roughly 80" I'm 6' and it seems a little tight to me if I want to have 2 rows of seating, and build a riser for the back row...

    This is where I need your opinions and ideas...

    -Does it even make sense to add a second riser? If not, how can I have 2 rows of seats where the back row can see over the front?

    -Is it very costly to have someone come in and rearrange the air-ducts? I assume so... the idea would be to have them run on both sides of the rooms and enclose them so I have a clean looking soffit on both sides

    - Is ~80" ceiling with a finished drop ceiling enough height for a theater with 2 rows and i'm just being conservative.

    Of course this is just preliminary thinking out loud, and I need to still put this room and basement all into Google sketch which I plan to do in the next few weeks, and will take tons of pictures of everything so everyone can kind of understand what i'm trying to do....

    I figured I might as well start off with this first post and see if I can get any feedback in the preliminary stages


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