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I've spent 3 days trying to get my computer hooked up with Room EQ without any success at all. Tried connecting my creative soundcard Live! without any luck. I'm seeing that a manual approach is being offered on both BVD and using the TAMREQ wizard. I guess i'm not the only person having a tough time getting the soundcard connected with the RoomEQ software. I'd rather use the RoomEQ or RS +D which I am licensed than doing it manually. Can you help me get this soundcard of mine acknowledged by RoomEQ?...Thanks.


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Hi if you are trying to use the soundblasters digital connection there are a whole host of known problems with this card. I could not get my sound blaster didtial out to speak to my tag but luckily my computer had a built in soundcard on the motherboard so I used the spdif out socket from that and it worked a treat.

So if your PC has another digital out try and use that.

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