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Hi everyone,

Having been flicking my way through these forums for a while now i've be stunned by some of the creations you guy and gals have come up with for your home cinemas. so i decided to give it a try myself.

Sarah (the missus) and I moved house in september to an extended 3 bed semi. house is great and it has a huge garage :devil: enough for a storage room a laundry room and a smallish but big enough dedicated cinema room :D

Let the building commence!

I currently work 3 days a week (14hr shifts) so i have a fair bit of time to get this room built but as i'm doing all the work (not the electrics) myself it'll probably take longer than i want it too, never was very patient.

Anyway, plans were made and i got my builder friend to order the materials and i started a couple of weeks ago. here's a few pics as to where i'm up to.

the build.jpg

the build 2.jpg

sony vpl-hw10.jpg

sony vpl-hw10 out of the box.jpg

as you can see i'n no expert in the building trade but it's solid and has been checked by my builder friend so it's good enough

Sparky is coming round on friday to do the 1st fix electrics and then i'll finish lowering the ceiling and put the insulation and boarding up.

i'm sure i'll have loads of questions for you guys and i've already been pestering Albrisco and duncs517 for their advice, if you guys find yourselves with nothing to do, feel free to pop over (bring a hammer aand a screw driver :devil:)

thats it for now folks. updates as a when. :smashin:



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Hi Andy

so work commences then mate, great stuff and it was nice to see it in the flesh before it all started mate as well.

One thing I will say mate if you don`t mind, you ought to host the pics on photobucket first ( not image shack as its too slow) and copy paste the img link into your thread and we can see them a lot better.

Apart from that mate great to see it all begin and look forward to the updates.

Hows the floating lawn project coming on :D

cheers Al :smashin:


hi yuki, sarah's face will be a picture when she realised i've completely sealed the garage door and it cant be opened anymore at all :rotfl:

Al, i'll have a look at that photo site. i'll maybe need some instructions tho.

as for the lawn, it's a disaster area. i think it'll never be drained, looks like we might deck a large area have a samll lawn and a rockery in stead one one massive bog!!!! we'll see, thats a project for the spring/summer

they'll be no digging now as it's covered in snow :D

just picked out some lighting, Theatre Single Spotlight Black Nickel Finish, 0000003668917 6 of these should be good enough but i'll see what the missus thinks as she's better at picking this sort of stuff than me.

anyone ever tried building a lowered ceiling by themselves? the amount of joists that i've had smack me on the head :mad: it's all fun and games.

Cat5e cable is getting run tomorrow to the living room, i'm going to run component from the skybox to the bedroom as it can all be hidden as my bedroom is above the garage.

not going to be much happening until next week, i may get the ceiling finshed and some sheets of platerboard up before the sparky comes but we'll see.


ignore this post i'm just testing photobucket :D


is this right Al?


:rotfl: didn't even notice that in the photo. it's an origional one too from back in the 80's.

unfortunatley it was found with the batteries still in it. think thy're from the 80's too as they'd exploded all over it. it's not in very good condition now but i might try and clean it up.

In case anyone is wondering, the room once boarded out will be aprox 6m x 3m

i'm hoping my screen will be as big as i can get it. around 95" horizontal which on a 16.9 is about 103" diagonal, i think. but i wont know this until the room is nearly finished.


thanks prof.

i'm a bit bored here, working nights :boring: so here's a list of equipment that'll be going in the room

Sony vpl-hw10 projector
onkyo 875
sky HD
sony s350 BD player
ps3 for gaming duties
HDMI true matrix switch 4x2
HDMI splitter
Cat5e baluns
controlled by: Phillips TSU9400 remote, custom screens


Monitor audio - RS6 front, RS1 rear, RS-LCR center and BK xls300 (when i order it)

lounge- fed by cat5e to sony KDL40w4000

bedroom- 26" phillips cheap lcd

conserv. - haven't decided what i'm putting in here, nothing at the moment but we'll see


well the sparky's been and sorted out my sockets and wired me up for lights (not fitted yet)

i can get on with shoving millions of insulation into the walls now and get some plasterboard up :clap:. i'll have some more pics very soon


update time!!!!!

not much has happend but here's some pics. i'll be doing doing some more work on it tomorrow, hopefully

He's a hard worker but always get in the way, bit of a ladies man too :rolleyes:


vandamme blue series speaker cable, bought from Bassbin on these forums, :thumbsup: thanks bassbin


working plug sockets,


light swich, ir dimmer, not the best but it does what i want, for now ;)


these are my lights, they'll be 6 in all. give a good bit of light for a being so small


plasterboard starting to go up :clap:



thats it for now. doing all the insulation and the 1st layer of plasterboard tomorrow, hopefully

Last edited:


right, little up datefor anyone thats interested. my mate craig (not the dog) gave me a helping hand last night and we managed to get all the insulation completed :clap: we even started plasterboarding the ceiling but gave up, heavy stuff this plasterboard :(

anyway here's some more pics, nothing great but they're pics all the same, i've chucked some in of some of the equipment too.




ran some cat5e cable throught the house to feed my sony 4500 lcd. haven't connected anyof the cabling yet but here's the tv anyway


this is one of my (what will be front speakers) Mpnitor Audio RS6


thats it for now. need to run some audio cables and component cable to the bedroon today or tomorrow and then i can finish plsterboarding the walls and ceiling. Plasterer is due on tuesday evening so i better get a shift on

thanks for looking and any comments appreciated, good or bad, although i'll ignore the bad ones :devil:



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Andi , its coming along well mate , little tick for plasterboarding the ceiling , cut a length of 2x2 or 4x2 same height as ceiling to floor , get the board up to fixing point and wedge the timber under as a support , you can the easily get your screws in .... im not a builder but it worked a treat for my build :thumbsup:


thanks yuki, thats a great tip if off to try it :thumbsup:


thanks Al,

might have a usable room by xmas but i very much doubt it'll be finished, we'll see :rolleyes:

i'm off work for the next 9 days (not that i'm counting :D ) so i want to get as much done as possible. i still haven't figured out how to mount the PJ :eek:


hi gonzo,

i was going to build a shelf for it but maybe a mount would be better. what mount are you using and is it expensive, money is running out, FAST :eek: :rotfl:


more photos :clap:

plaster on one wall


most of the platerboard is up now, just needs a few more fixing screws



had a little accident yesterday, i wasn't paying attention and cut through my component cable that took me forever to route to the bedroom :suicide:. so i made my 1st attempt at soldering today :eek: ..................... it works :clap:

cant see much from the pic but thought i'd chuck it in anyway


thats all for now. i'm off to finish the plasterboard (and my xmas shopping :( )

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