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I have 2 setups that are possible the 1st set up (Green) will put alot more distance between the front speakers but it makes my couch have to be alot closer to the speakers. Option 2 puts the 2 fronts closer together but allows me to put the couch further away. which setup would give me the best sound? i am afraid in setup A when i sit out of the exact middle of the couch the sound will be screwed up and i will hear the left or right speaker to loud. (depending on the side of the couch im on) but in setup B im afraid that the speakers will be so close together i will not be able to disifer them. It is a 6.1 system (i left out the other speaker because i have no problems getting them where they need to go)

The attachment shows the setup of my room

Plz give any and all opinions


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This is great fun - we're looking at moving house at the minute and one of our criteria is that the new house should have a good spot for the TV and speakers!

I'm sure you've already thought about this but could you put the TV at the bottom of the picture and the couch up near where the computer is?
there isnt really room the picture is really roughly drawn

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