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Hi all

Having spent most of lockdown working on the house, we come to the lounge where we want it to be nice cosy area for mainly movies, Netflix, Amazon Prime, occasional normal TV and some gaming with the kids (PS4 usually).

We like our movies so have decided to 'invest' in a decent set-up and given the C-word at the moment, it feels like a good way of getting a nice movie watching experience at home for now and the future.

We have designed two layouts:

OPTION A - has the TV at the end of the room, so would allow for seating all facing in the one direction and the view incorporates the fireplace (represented by the large square area on the images).

OPTION B - has the TV on the longest wall which allows for seating to be spread across the room, to a degree anyhow, and I've already looked at viewing angles etc. which I'll mention below

Given experience, are there any pros / cons which I should consider for the best home cinema experience?

Room dimensions approx. 3.4m x 9m. Only natural light source is from the window and some indirect light from the doorway at the other end. The room is fairly dark at times.

Secondly, these are my current choices and prices for the equipment. I would appreciate any feedback on what better alternatives are out there within a reasonable budget:

SONY KD55A8BU 55" - £1799
Denon DENO-AVRX2700 - £599
REL T5I Gloss Black Subwoofer - £549
Monitor Audio CP-WT260 install speakers - £250
Monitor Audio W150LCR install speakers - £195
Q Acoustics Q180C install speakers - £299

I want to have fairly discrete in wall speakers to accommodate the 'wife factor'. So was thinking two at the front, two front ceiling and two back ceiling + subwoofer.

Appreciate any feedback and thoughts on the above, thank you!
option B.JPG
option A rendered.JPG
option B rendered.JPG

option A.JPG


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Looking at the layouts, I'm unsure whether the images of the pictures are pictures or if one is a TV? Also what is the opening. Is that a fireplace or a passageway to another room.

If it isn't an opening or fireplace, then I feel where you have the settee opposite it, I would place the bookshelf there. Where the bookshelf is, I would place the settee and add the TV on the opposite wall. The places which you have placed them seems to be a compromise on viewing angles and you will not be able to place the speakers in the correct orientation for the ideal listening positions

With the in-wall speakers. Can I ask why you have part Monitor Audio, Q Acoustics and will it be a 5.1 or a 5.1.2 as you haven't placed the qualities of the speakers being used.

If you do place the TV where I have mentioned, then the speakers at the front of the room will be very easy to place. If you are only going for a 5.1, then I would say, if possible, use something like the Monitor Audio C265-FX in-ceilings as this will better spread the rear sound effects. if the system is a 5.1.2, then using in-ceilings rear speakers is a big no-no (as you may already know. From that point, then a pair of in-walls as you have specified will be fine. As for the Ci80CP, I'm a little unsure what they're for? .2, rear, or even second zone. Please could you clarify

On another note, what software are you using for the room layout. It looks very nice :smashin:

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