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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by cus2117, Sep 26, 2005.

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    This is what I posted in the Intergrated Amp Forum. But then I read a few threads in here and started to think if this set up is to big for a room 12 ft by 12 ft - what do you think especially around the speakers I have in mind?

    Need help with a decision, Good forum by the way.

    I have at the moment a
    • Denon PMA 350se
    • Marantz CD67
    • Mission 733 2 way fronts
    • Mission 73c center
    • Mission 735. Rear surround
    • And a Denon avr600d
    • Cheap play all DVD player
    • Panasonic PTAE100E projector.

    My thoughts are scrap the separates and have one DVD/CD player plus one AMP.

    Denon AVR 3805
    Denon DVD 3900

    Use the 735 for the center back surround, use the 733 for the rear surround and by a pair of Mission 773e’s for the front.
    But the more I look the more indecisive I become – Kef, Cambridge, Arcam, and on and one.

    Can anyone help or has someone had similar problems.

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