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OK, I'm new to this home cinema thing, but learning quickly.

I have a room that is 12'x8' that I am re-decorating before installing my new goodies in.

My question is what colour is best for a cinema room? It will have a deep(ish) blue carpet for the time being, but could change when funds permit.

I take it pastel colours are best.


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I have a pastel, sort of magnolia shade - great for a room - crap for a cinema.

Are you installing a projector?

Mine reflects off the walls something rotten - lights the whole room up.

I would say a dark, matt colour would be best. Probably a deep red or navy. But if you need to use the room for other things it probably would'nt look so good.

If you are installing a plasma then it probably isnt too much of an issue, although a dark matt colour would still be best.

The next cinema room I build will hopefully be a a large loft space and I intend to carpet the walls for that one - a nice deep red, short pile carpet.


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I havent worried too much about colours - Remember that you may want to use this room as somthing other than a home cinema so be careful with your choices.

I have chosen to use backout curtains (you can buy the special blackout fabric that you can back curtains with) and then pick a dark shade of cream.

See my post:


The colours I have chosen are from the "Period Colours" range. The bottom half of the room is called "Smock" and the top half is called "Old English White".

We have also decided to make some acoustic baffels using a square bit of wood (approx 2 foot x 3 foot) covered with fabric and then filled with the same tickness of sponge which will deaden the sound even more.


Techno/Mark, thanks for this. Mark that link is great for information, but bad as it has given me plenty more ideas about what I might want to try.



Take a look at the suede paint on my site, it's a non uniform finish so light doesn't bounce off it so readily.

Available in some nice colours too.


Hi There,

Darker, Matt colours are best, with either black or IIRC one of the darker ice storm greys that goes black in low light. Idealy you don't actualy want a colour as it will give a colour cast.

They aren't particularly room friendly, but most of the home cinema stuff if you do it technicaly correct isn't that astheticaly pleasing.

I suppose if you want a colour, go for blue, as typicaly the blue tube is the weakest in a CRT projector. However you would effectivly need to de-tune the blue to count for the colour cast being given, but would mean you'd be driving it less, so the tube would last longer. But you really would need a pro with a colorimeter to do this properly, as setting the colour of grey is not an 'easy' job.


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I had a lot of problems getting a decently even finish with matt black paints and eventually changed to a deep matt blue. This works beautifully with my LCD projector and doesn't look quite as quirky when the room is just being a room and not a cinema.

Oh - the ceiling's the same colour, which makes a lot of difference to the projected image.


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Paint both the walls in ceiling a dark colour (use a matt paint - deep red or blue are good choices) and the projected image seems substantially improved - I noticed a big difference when I changed the colour of my room from white to deep matt red.

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