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Ok the room my projector is in is 4.85M x 3.65M, the screen is on the side wall so I sit back 3.65m on the wall. I have a 96" screen and the room is painted dark blue and there is not many reflection spots like glass or anything.

I have been starting to notice at Night that I think the room should be darker but I don't know what to do or how to do it. Is there anything that can be done to make my room more of a cave (as in really dark)? Or is that just what happens with bigger screens in smaller rooms?

I don't want to adjust the contrast or brightness because my projector has been calibrated and it looks superb. I also made masks for 2.39:1 movies and its a bit darker with them up but still a little light for my liking.

Here is a view of my room

Any tips would be great.


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I've just been going thru a similar problem as you, as my projector is in my living room which has a window at either end, so first we got some blackout blinds from Ikea then we have curtains that go over the blinds but still in daytime conditions the room still has a daytime glow to it so then as others have done on the forum we constructed a BatCave :-

I know its not for everyone but it really does control the light that is reflected from the screen and improves the image quality massively.

If you haven't tried it yet though I'd give blackout blindss try or brick up the windows :)

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